July 10, 2017

Certified Payroll Due Dates

Light bulb filled with time clocks and other time clocks floating around.When are Certified Payroll Reports Due?  If you are a contractor and have a contract that has either Davis Bacon or Prevailing Wage requirements, knowing the answer to this question can avoid potential reporting penalties and sanctions.

It is important to remember, when calculating the due date of either Prevailing Wage or Davis Bacon, that the due date is calculated on the pay date for a pay period and not the pay period itself.

In Nevada, Prevailing Wage certified payroll reports are due on the 15th of the following month.  For example, the wages paid June 1-30, are due on the 15th of July.

Davis Bacon Reporting is due weekly and must be received within seven (7) days after the regular pay date for that pay period.  The complete reporting requirements are available at Certified Payroll Reports

What about dual-funded projects?  If a project has both Davis Bacon and Prevailing Wage requirements, the reporting requirements for Davis Bacon should be followed.

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