Specialized Services by Trifox

Consulting and Training by Trifox are best described as specialized services.  We do more than most companies in our field and what we do – we do well.

We provide one-on-one training or group training for QuickBooks®  accounting software or specialized processes between QuickBooks® and a point of sale (POS). We also help with documenting your “how-tos” so what you learned is saved.

Database setup and cleanup can be provided, from simple setups to complex cleanups or conversions.  Projects are reviewed and quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Consulting & Training Services include:

Bridge setups between QuickBooks®
and point of sale (POS) software

Cleanup of QuickBooks® databases

Procedure Design and Documentation


You deserve the best!

Contact us today for the best in training, point of sale (POS) bridging, and QuickBooks® assistance of any kind.

Trifox can help you with bridging your point of sale (POS) system with QuickBooks®, whether it is old or new.  Systems can be put in place which lightens the bookkeeping workload and provides accurate accounting codes for the POS systems which do not sync directly into QuickBooks® or where there are issues with the synchronization.  We not only create your bridge, but we can make it strong and as detailed as possible.  We have the experience that you deserve.

We want you to succeed and our attention to detail, review process, and refined systems make us the right choice to work for your business.

Trifox has over 30 years of experience and with that experience comes a very keen sense of what a business needs to perform.  We can review the systems you have in place and create new procedures that will increase the productivity of your employees, as well as the quality of the outcome.  Having an annual system review can save you thousands of dollars in mistakes, fixes, incorrect entries, and other items that take time away from more productive efforts.